How do I start selling with Loss Leader?

  1. Go to your Shopify store's admin page
  2. Under Sales Channels on the left, click Loss Leader 
  3. Click Get Started!
  4. Click Add Products 
    1. Select some products and click Next.
    2. Under Target Liquidation Quantity choose the quantity you want to sell through Loss Leader.
    3. Set an optional Shipping Price.
    4. Set a Stop Loss Price - this is the price you'd like to accept for the product. We will stop scheduling the product if the average selling price of the last 5 products sold is lower than this amount.
    5. If your product is refurbished or used, select that from the Product Condition drop-down.
  5. Click Approve Budget to ensure your products start running right away. If you approve a budget of $100, we will charge 9% of each completed sale up to a maximum of $100. 

Remember—we have no hidden fees. You don't pay us anything until your item is sold.

Check out our 1-minute walkthrough:

1-minute walkthrough