What does it cost? How do I get paid? How does pricing work?

What does it cost?

Tophatter charges a 9% commission on paid orders, which is billed to your Shopify store. There are no other Tophatter fees.

Why do I need to approve a monthly fee budget?

Approving a budget is a requirement by Shopify. This gives us the authorization to bill the 9% commission for paid orders, up to your selected budget amount. The budget amount is not a charge. You will only be charged based on usage. In other words, when you approve a $100 budget, we'll charge 9% commission for each paid sale up to a maximum of $100. If you don't make a sale, we won't charge anything.

To avoid any pause in running your products, when the budget is near running out, you will need to approve again. You can select a budget in any of the following amounts: $100; $1,000; $10,000; $50,000; or $100,000. Budget is required to be approved each time it runs out, or we will stop running products from your store.

When do I get paid?

Buyers checkout on your store, so you get paid instantly.

What is the Stop Loss price?

Stop Loss is the minimum average selling price for a product. It is your price protection.
When you submit a product, the Tophatter auction algorithm begins running auctions, trying to achieve your targeted volume. The starting bid amount is based on your Stop Loss and past sales of the product.

Your Stop Loss should be the lowest amount you can accept for the sale of the product. We will reliably deliver an average at or above the Stop Loss + Shipping for that product over its last five sales.

How does Stop Loss affect impressions and paid orders?

Our app is intended for fast liquidation of excess inventory, or for customer acquisition for your store at a cost to you that is lower than Google or Facebook ads, by using your own products as loss leaders. Because of this, so that you receive the most impressions and paid orders, we recommend listing products that you can afford to sell below your store retail price.

After an optimum number of runs we will stop scheduling products that don't sell, because that indicates there is limited demand at the current pricing. Lowering the Stop Loss and or Shipping price will ensure that Stopped products begin running again. We will provide a feedback message within the app when that happens.