What is the Loss Leader App?

Do you have a Shopify Store? Are you looking for profitable ways to drive new customers to it? Finally, do you have excess inventory you intend to mark down? If the answer to all three of these questions is yes, the Loss Leader App by Tophatter will help you turn your excess inventory into new customers

Don’t mark down clearance items on your own site where they compete for attention from your top-dollar products— instead use our Loss Leader App to immediately sell those clearance items on Tophatter.

It gets even better: with our new Loss Leader App, Tophatter Shoppers who win auctions for your products are  redirected to your store for payment. That means:

  • You get a new customer, not just a sale - you have the customer's email address and now can earn their repeat business.
  • You’ll get paid immediately - since they are checking out at your store, customers pay you directly. No waiting for a payout.

All you have to do is install our application, choose the products, and determine how many you wish to liquidate. Items typically are sold within a few hours of submission and we can sell any quantity.

The application is managed within your Shopify admin, so you don't have to sign up for Tophatter. When your products are running on tophatter.com, shoppers compete to win your product by placing bids. Winning bidders are then redirected to your store to complete a personalized invoice based on their winning bid. 

For this service, Tophatter charges  9% commission on completed sales which is billed to your Shopify store, and there are no other fees! 

Read more at  https://sell.tophatter.com/lossleader