How is my account being impacted by product ratings?

Ratings from our shoppers are an extremely important factor in determining the health of products. 
This policy is intended to better protect our buyers and sellers in the marketplace from poor-quality, misleading items and deceptive listings.

Payouts may be delayed in the following instances:

  • for orders for products with a high rate of poor feedback, or
  • for orders for products which don't have enough feedback, while ratings are being collected.
Tophatter may proactively refund orders for products with a high rate of poor feedback. 
A few notes: 
  • If you see a payout delay, it is only for invoices for the specific product. Your entire payout is not being held, just the payouts for these orders. You can view impacted products on the Home Page.
  • Multiple sellers may have the same or a similar item in their inventory, but have different ratings. This is generally due to the way the listings are created. For example, listings with photos of all the available color options and an accurate size chart generally lead to better ratings than listings that don’t include this information. 

For information on how to improve listings, please our article How to Optimize your Product Listings.

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