What is Tophatter Test Mode?

To give you the best Tophatter selling experience, your first 10 orders will only be scheduled with a $1 starting bid, free shipping, and no reserve price. This selling strategy is what the Top Sellers use on Tophatter to generate the most profit. Here are a few of the most common questions surrounding Test Mode: 

  • Why do I need to sell 10 orders first?

    With 10 paid orders, you will begin to understand how the auctions on Tophatter works, and which products will work best on Tophatter. We recommend scheduling products that you normally sell for $6-$15.

  • Did the shipping price and starting bids for my products get changed?

    If you have uploaded products with a .csv file or previously uploaded products and have fewer than 10 paid items, these products will default to a $1 starting bid and free shipping. There will also be no reserve price enabled for these products.

    After your first 10 items are paid for, you can build a more versatile strategy if necessary.

  • If I start my products at $1, I will lose money.

    We have other selling methods that can be leveraged after you reach 10 paid orders. This protects you from overspending on scheduling fees without converting to paid orders and will give you the best indication of whether or not your products are in demand by our Shoppers. If you would like to understand more about selling on Tophatter and additional strategies, please reach out to our Onboarding team (hisellers@tophatter.com) or your dedicated onboarding specialist.

  • When am I able to increase my minimum starting bids, shipping price, and use reserve prices?

    Because these features cause a dramatic drop in sell rate, we highly recommend you avoid scheduling items with a higher minimum starting bid, charging shipping, or using reserve prices. However, after your first 10 paid orders, you will unlock these features. Please coordinate with your onboarding specialist to ensure you're choosing the right products to sell on Tophatter, and craft the right strategy for these products. We will continue to recommend scheduling products with only free shipping and a $1 minimum starting bid.

  • What if my scheduled items don't sell?

    Selling with $1 minimum starting bids and free shipping leads to a very low sell rate. However, during onboarding, you will receive Scheduling Fee Credits to assist with the costs on Tophatter.

  • Can you ensure that I am profitable?

    Tophatter's onboarding specialists will work closely with you to craft the right strategy. Our recommended strategy is:

    • $1 Minimum Starting Bid
    • Free Shipping
    • No Reserve Price
    • List items that you normally sell for $6-$15

    Although we can't guarantee profitability, you should have received scheduling credits during your onboarding process to help you sell more risk-free. Please reach out to our Onboarding Team (hisellers@tophatter.com) or your dedicated onboarding specialist if you don't have any, or if you would like help selecting items that fit best for Tophatter.