Why is my account blocked?

There are a few reasons you may see a block on your account. The following blocks are the most common:

  • Product-level penalty block: This is not an account block, but rather a product block when a product has received a high level of negative buyer feedback. This product-level penalty block will reduce the volume this product gets for the same scheduling fee, making it more expensive to get the same volume. To increase account sales try listing new, different products. This block may automatically fall off of your account when enough positive feedback for this item is received. Payouts for products associated with a product level penalty may be delayed.
  • Product traffic restriction warning: This is also a product-level block related to negative buyer feedback. While schedules are still possible, they are not likely as the system has restricted the traffic display of the product. You would need to improve the product quality and/or try other new products to avoid further impact on account traffic.
  • Account risk reminder: Your account has received a 100-day block due to excessive negative buyer feedback. You won't be able to schedule any new products or make additional sales once this block is put in place. In the meantime, we recommend adding new products to your account, removing poor-performing products, and optimizing your good listings to prepare for sales again.
  • Permanent account closure: If your account has been consistently underperforming, and your recent seller reviews have been 1 star or less, your account can be permanently closed as it is not beneficial to the seller or Tophatter to continue the partnership.
  • Insufficient buyer feedback: If you receive the warning "We're waiting for more buyer feedback on your items before you can make more sales." this means your account is only temporarily blocked. You will be able to make more sales after receiving your next buyer review.

Please note that there may be other, temporary blocks related to policy violations or for accounts needing verification. Sellers will be notified if account verification is needed, and may be requested to provide supporting documentation via email.

If you have any questions, or you see that your account is blocked for another reason, please contact your account manager or email our Support team.