How to Optimize your Product Listings

Optimization is key to selling successfully at Tophatter. If our Merchants are not successful, neither are we! We wanted to pass some tips on to you so that you optimize your listings, minimize Incident Fees and maximize sales.

Most of the complaints seen by our Support Teams surround misleading images, alongside incomplete product descriptions.This means that the number of returns and buyer questions should be able to be reduced by improving listings. 

As a reminder, Incident Fees are incurred for orders that result in a poor buyer experience. One fee type, Seller Fault Returns, can include the below issues: 

  • Claims of defective or damaged items
  • Wrong size
  • Product is counterfeit or fake
  • Missing parts
  • Wrong item
  • Item arrived late
  • Item does not match description

Seller Fault Returns are not the only fees that can incur from misleading listings. When a shopper contacts the Buyer Support Team regarding a misleading or unclear description, an additional Buyer Support Contact Fee may be charged. Reported Product Fees can be charged if a product is placed on hold for its misleading or unclear descriptions.

So can you improve your listings? Below are a list of tips to make listings clear and improve the buyer experience

Tips to improve images:

  • Ensure images accurately represent the quantity of the item you are selling and include any accessories that come with the purchase. In other words, make sure the first image only shows what the buyer will receive.
  • Accurately represent the size. Images should give a sense of scale and include a size chart when applicable. 
  • Do not overly enhance images, as it may mislead shoppers about the quality of what they are purchasing. 
  • Display the actual item being sold, not a similar item that can differ in quality, or a different brand. 

Tips to improve product descriptions:

  • Do not show variations in images, unless they are also available at check out. 
  • Clearly state what is and is not included with the purchase. If parts like batteries or accessories are not included, that should be noted in the description. 
  • The item material should also be clearly stated. If the item is plastic, but looks like metal, it can lead to poor feedback.
  • Include instructions with your product, when necessary.  If there are no written instructions in English provided in the package with your item, you should write them out in the listing so that the buyer can refer back to it. 

For more information, you can find our Item Guidelines and Templates here.