Tophatter Bonus Credits

What are Tophatter Bonus Credits?

Tophatter Bonus Credits give Sellers an opportunity to incentivize buyers to purchase products through auction Campaigns. Sellers can give buyers back up to 2% of the total purchase price. The entire credit amount goes to the buyer’s wallet when they win and pay. 

Why should I use Tophatter Bonus Credits?

Our data has shown that Buyers bid more when receiving cash back. Using Bonus Credits may help you drive higher Average Sales Prices. 

In this case, if your item sells for $10 and you offer these Bonus Credits, you would essentially issue the buyer a $0.20 credit. While it doesn’t sound like much, if it resulted in a single additional bid of $1, it would still be a positive thing for the seller. 

Like any other seller fee, you should factor this fee into pricing to ensure you remain profitable. This credit is different in that this fee is charged to the seller even if the buyer does not use the credit. These credits expire after two weeks the credit will be rolled back into the development of new and exciting seller features and programs. 

Where can I view performance?

You can view total bonus credit on the product level, by going to performance under Selling. The fees associated with Bonus Credits will populate in the “Total Bonus Credit Fees” column.