Tophatter Shipping Policy

Tophatter is a fast-moving, auction marketplace that provides quality shopping experiences. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, sellers are expected to fulfill orders in accordance with the Tophatter Shipping Policies.

What are the shipping policies?

All orders must be shipped with an approved carrier within 5 days from when the invoice was paid, but faster is better. 

All shipped orders should be accepted by the carrier within 2 days of being marked as shipped. 

All shipped orders should be delivered to the address listed on the invoice within a reasonable timeframe (a maximum of 30 days domestic, 60 days international). Tophatter encourages all orders to the US to ship with last-mile tracking.

Tophatter reserves the right to block sales or close an account if a seller fails to either fulfill or deliver orders on time. 

Incident Fees and/or Policy Violation Fees can be assessed for any orders that violate these policies. Sellers are responsible for any refund costs and/or fines for each order.

All sales should be honored unless a refund is otherwise requested by the shopper or Tophatter. Sending notes, placeholder items, empty packages, lower quality substitutions, or an item the buyer has not purchased instead of the item ordered is prohibited. 

Tophatter reserves the right to block all sales and/or close the account if a seller is found to be violating this policy. In addition, sellers are responsible for any refund costs and/or fines for each order in violation of this policy. 

Sellers must comply with all export, import, and trade control laws, and may not ship products that are prohibited for sale or import into any country including any national or government thereof, or any state, territory, or region. This includes but is not limited to the prohibited sale of types of products that need CE marking to any location where this is legally required, including the UK and EU, if they do not carry the CE marking and conform with the standards of the Market Surveillance Authorities.

What is considered a violation of Tophatter’s shipping policies?

  1. Shipping an order with an inaccurate/invalid tracking number.
  2. Marking an order as shipped more than once by changing the tracking number.
  3. Marking an order as shipped with a carrier that is not the carrier it will be shipped with. 
  4. Shipping an order to an address that is different than the address on the invoice.
  5. Shipping empty packages, placeholder items, notes, or an item different from what the customer ordered.
  6. Shipping a product to any location where the sale of that product is prohibited.

Some carriers are aggregated carriers, meaning that the carrier may actually ship with a secondary carrier for delivery. For example, ePacket and 4PXmost commonly use China EMS or China Post to ship orders, which are delivered by the buyer’s local postal service. China Post is not a supported carrier for US orders, and may not be used to fulfill orders to the US, even if ePacket, 4PX, or USPS is selected as the carrier. Marking orders as shipped with a mismatched carrier is considered a violation of Tophatter’s shipment policies. If you are unsure if you are using the correct carrier, please review What are the requirements for shipping? or contact Support if you have additional questions.

When marking shipped, the correct tracking number and carrier should be entered at that time, and these should not be changed later.

All orders must be shipped to the shipping address listed on the invoice. We also recommend accepting address change request Support Tickets, to prevent returned packages and refunds. If the address on the package does not match the address on the invoice, the shipment will be considered in violation of Tophatter’s shipment policies. Sellers will be liable for any refund costs, and additional fines may be issued for each order in violation of the policies. 

The customer should receive the item(s) described on the product listing. Shipping empty packages or an item other than what was pictured at the time of sale is considered deceptive fulfillment and a violation of Tophatter’s shipping policies.Customers should not receive notes for out of stock orders, gifts or wrong items. If an item is out of stock, the order should be refunded.