Tophatter False Advertising Policy

Tophatter is a fast-moving, auction marketplace that provides quality shopping experiences for our users. While we encourage sellers to include high quality images to attract attention, it’s also important that the images do not include false or unverified information. This includes any information about the quality, contents, or shipping of the items for sale.

An additional fee may be charged for each order in violation of Tophatter policies. These fees are issued at Tophatter's discretion and will not exceed $5,000 per review, regardless of the number of orders included.

Tophatter recommends that sellers watermark photos they own to prevent online theft. Using images containing watermarks that you do not own is not permitted. Please note that placing a watermark or graphic over or otherwise editing or altering an existing image does not change the intellectual property ownership. 

Here are some examples of what Tophatter considers “false advertising”:

Unverified Guarantees, Warranties and Offers

These programs are not offered by Tophatter, so phrases and images advertising them should not be used to advertise products.

Unverified statements about shipping speed

An estimated delivery time frame is provided to the buyer by Tophatter based on the average shipping time in the seller’s account. Because this info is already provided and because shipping speeds can also vary at different times of year, do not advertise shipping on the listing images, as it cannot be guaranteed..

Unverified Free Shipping Claims

Do not include or advertise Free Shipping for your items. Shipping may not always be free to all users viewing your listings. Simply set the shipping up in Tophatter’s system, and the buyer will be shown how much they will need to pay. If shipping to a customer is free, Tophatter will highlight this for the buyer.

Pricing on Images

Tophatter is an auction-driven site, thus the price on the image cannot be guaranteed to the buyer. In some cases, the price on Tophatter may exceed the cost on other marketplaces.

Using Competitor Watermarks

Watermarks are used on images to protect the image from being used without the owner’s permission. Using watermarked images that you do not own the rights to is prohibited.

Unauthorized Use of Tophatter Branding/Guarantees

Unless Tophatter has given you express permission to use their branding in your listings, copying and/or using such imagery for your products is disallowed.

Unauthorized Use of Text on Images

On Tophatter, text is not permitted on images in jewelry listings unless Tophatter has given the seller permission to do so. This includes any badging that represents the item materials.

Mystery Lots

Mystery lots cannot be sold on Tophatter. In order to not be a mystery lot, the listing must show exactly what the buyer will receive when they win