Does Tophatter offer shipping insurance?

Tophatter is pleased to offer our sellers the ability to purchase shipping insurance through our third-party label provider, EasyPost. Sellers will need to weigh the cost and benefit before purchasing insurance, as it may not be advisable on all orders.

How to purchase insurance

For orders where the final bid is less than $100 (excluding shipping), additional insurance should not be purchased. Instead, Priority labels should be purchased. USPS will automatically insure items with a value of up to $100 at no additional cost when shipped Priority. In the event that it is needed, sellers can file a claim with USPS for the value of the item. 

For orders where the final bid is over $100 (excluding shipping), sellers can purchase additional insurance when purchasing the label on Tophatter. The cost for insurance is generally 10% of the value and is provided by our third-party label provider, EasyPost. In the event that a claim needs to be filed, sellers are now able to file a claim directly with EasyPost. It is a seller’s responsibility to file a claim and provide all requested information directly to EasyPost.

To file a claim with EasyPost, please email within 60 days of the label purchase and include all relevant information in the body of the email. You will need to state in the email that you are a seller on Tophatter and include all relevant information in the body of the email, including screenshots of the following:

  • Screenshot of the INR dispute that was filed, including any shopper comments (found by clicking Respond on your Disputes page)
  • Screenshot of the value of the item plus shipping (found on your Orders page)
  • Screenshot of the amount you paid for insurance (found in the View Fees section of your Order).

Easy Post will process your claim, and if approved, will mail a check to Tophatter directly. At that time, a seller credit will be issued to your account in the same amount. Credit will not be issued until funds are received by EasyPost. This process can take 30-60 days.

To help ensure the fastest turnaround possible, you should also write to with the above information so that funds can be reconciled and a credit issued to your account as quickly as possible. 

Please note: if a seller has purchased additional insurance from EasyPost through Tophatter, filing a claim with USPS will void any claims submitted to EasyPost. Do not submit a claim with USPS unless instructed to do so by Tophatter.

If sellers choose not to purchase shipping labels through Tophatter, sellers can purchase additional insurance from the carrier directly at the same time a shipping label is purchased. In the event that a claim needs to be filed due to loss or damage, any claims would also be filed directly with the carrier if the label has been purchased outside of Tophatter.