How do I create a product listing?

A wide variety of items can be sold on Tophatter. Check out the Category Listing Guidelines for details. Follow the steps below for creating a new product.

1. Add some Basic Information

  • Click Manage under Products then +Add. Required fields are indicated with a star. Create titles that are clear, concise and informative about the product with a general product name. All the fun details about your product will be featured in the description! Please ensure that your title is in English. 
  • You’ll be prompted to enter a Unique ID or SKU. SKU stands for stock-keeping unit. Many wholesale and retailers use SKUs to manage their inventory. While Tophatter automatically generates an item number for each individual listing and an order number for each order that is sold, Unique Product IDs can be created by the seller and are used for keeping track of products and product variations.
  • Next, select a Product Category.  Be sure to choose the most correct option for your particular item.
  • Create a Product Title that quickly identifies what the buyer is looking at. Titles should be short and sweet, but unique. The place to use key words is in the description, not the title.
  • In the Product Description, provide as much detail about your item as you can to ensure that potential buyers have everything they need to know before purchasing.
    • Please note that the description should be in English, along with the title.
    • Do not include promotions, promo or coupon codes or advertisements for other shops or websites.
  • Choose a Product Condition. Some products require the seller to include information about the product’s condition, and sellers may be asked to provide supporting information. For more on conditions, please review What condition are items in?
  • If the item is branded, select the Product Brand from the list.
  • Enter what the item is made of under Product Material.

2. If applicable for your item, enter Product Variations 

  • If you have a product with multiple sizes/colors/styles, you will need to follow the next steps to create Product Variations. Each product should only be listed one time, and properties of an item such as size, color and embellishments can be added as variations.
  • When your customer purchases an item with variations, they will see a menu of the options of sizes you currently have for the item and can only choose from sizes or colors that you have in stock for that item.
  • Each of the unique IDs that you specify for your sizes/color combinations must be different. We recommend appending the size and/or color to the product’s SKU if your size/color variations don’t have their own SKU. For example, sellers can create a Unique Product ID such as APPLE-CASE, and then choose Product Variation IDs such as APPLE-CASE-BLUE, APPLE-CASE-RED, and so on.
  • Click +Add Another to add more variations as needed.

3. Enter Pricing

  • Starting Bid is the amount the item will open for in a fast-paced live auction. Tophatter encourages all items to start at $1 because it creates excitement and increases buyer competition, which in turn generates higher selling prices.
  • Target Price is the amount you want to sell the product for in the Catalog, or as a Buy Now item. In some cases, items will be listed in the Catalogs for higher than your Target Price, but your item will not be listed in the Catalog for less than your Target Price. Target Price should take into account the product cost, expected fees, and your expected profit. Shipping cost should be excluded from Target Price.
  • Reserve Price would require that bidding surpass a specified reserve price in order for the product to be sold. Please note that this feature is only available in select categories and not widely available. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your Target Price and your Starting Bids are set correctly.
  • Scheduling Fee Bid allows sellers to bid on a scheduling fee; the highest bidders will have more volume scheduled. 

4. Add Order Processing & Shipping information

  • Shipping Price (To U.S.) is the cost you charge a buyer for shipping if they are located in the United States. If you offer FREE shipping enter 0.  You can set your international shipping prices from your Shipping Rates page.
  • Shipping From is the country your product ships from.
  • Shipping Weight is the weight of the package in ounces.  If you use the metric system, please convert grams or kilograms to ounces.
  • Days To Process Order is the number of days you will need to prepare your item to be shipped.  Orders must be processed within 1 to 5 days, and faster is better.

5. Upload your Images

  • Up to 8 photos can be uploaded for each product, and we require at least 2 different photos of the item.  Images should be those you have taken of the item yourself or photos you have express permission to use. The images must be at least 500 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall, and can be up to 4MB in file size. 
  • Show size relativity with an object, ruler or a mannequin.
  • Include clear references to indicate size/color/other options if multiple variants are available.
  • Remove any special characters such as #,%,@ from file name
  • Check that the image has the proper extension (.jpg, or .png) at the end of the file name.
  • Do not add graphics that could mislead a shopper about the product rating, product origin or quality. For example, don’t add images of stars.

Note: not all of our seller features are available on the app, and you will need to use a computer (not a device). We recommend using Chrome as your browser.

6. To create many items at once using a Tophatter formatted CSV file

  • Click CSV Actions
  • Click Create Products
  • Click Download to download a template
  • Using the CSV field descriptions & acceptable values guide on the page, complete all the required fields and acceptable values
  • Save the Tophatter formatted CSV file to your computer, then Upload

7. To update many existing items at once using a Tophatter formatted CSV file

  • Click CSV Actions
  • Click Update Products
  • Click Update Products or Update Variation Quantities to download a template
  • Using the CSV field descriptions & acceptable values guide on the page, complete all the required fields and acceptable values.
  • Save the Tophatter formatted CSV file to your computer. Please note that a campaign must be selected in order to use this feature. If you do not wish to add your products to a campaign, you can select no campaign in the upper right hand corner of this section.  
  • Click Upload