How can I optimize my Auction Campaigns?

Optimization is key to selling successfully at Tophatter. If our Merchants are not successful, neither are we! 

Here are a few tips to get started with Auction Campaigns:

  1. On the seller homepage, navigate to Performance under SELLING.
    • Use the duration drop down to select which date range you would like to look at. You can also use the campaign drop down and category drop down to view performance on a specific category or campaign.
  2. Sell Rate: Pay attention to sell rate, as this gives you an indication of the demand for your product. Compare your sell rate to the category average. On average, the sell rate across all categories is about 70%. After the product has been scheduled at the auction about 10 times, you should have a good idea of performance. If performance is lower than the category, we suggest moving this product to a Buy Now campaign.

Keep in Mind:

  1. Starting bids and shipping price: High starting bids and high shipping price can have a negative impact on the sell rate. The more competitive you can be to start with, the better. 
  2. Reserve Prices: Reserve prices impact sell rate greatly, we suggest only using this for high average sales price items. If you are concerned about risk, we suggest playing with the starting bid and shipping price before using a Reserve Price. Please note that the Reserve Price option also incurs and additional fee each time the item is scheduled, whether or not the item sells.  
  3. Scheduling Fees: Scheduling Fees are incurred when an item is scheduled into auction, regardless of whether or not an item sells. Scheduling fees add up quickly, so be sure to set a bid that you can afford based on the sell rate. 
  4. Campaign Budgets: Set a daily campaign budget or a lifetime budget to limit risk. A lifetime budget is the max amount you are willing to spend on the campaign. We recommend using this especially if you are testing new products.