What is a Reminder Campaign?

Reminder Campaigns are a tool created to help generate demand and collect data on shopper behavior. Products in Reminder Campaigns do  not go up for auction; instead they are displayed more like an ad within the feed. 

An impression is generated each time your product is seen on a Shopper’s screen. 1000 impressions means your product was seen 1000 times. Reminder Campaigns also show the number of Views (the number of Shoppers who clicked to view the product details) as well as the number of Reminders set on that product. The ratio of impressions to Reminders can be used as a signal of demand for the product. The higher that ratio, the more likely that product is to be successful at auction. The products with the most Reminders set should be graduated to an Auction Campaign to evaluate their success at auction. Every reminder generates a push notification to the Shopper when the item is scheduled. For more information on Auction Campaigns, please see our FAQ here.

Here are some definitions that you will need to know: 

Daily Budget: This is the total advertising budget per day. Each Campaign can have a different daily budget, which is something to keep in mind if you have multiple campaigns. 

Bid per 1000 Impressions:  The amount you are willing to pay per 1000 impressions for this campaign. An impression is generated each time your product is seen on a Shopper’s screen; 1000 impressions means your product was seen 1000 times. The Bid per 1000 Impressions field in the Campaign creator will populate with a default amount. A higher bid than the default will drive more impressions.

  • Please note sellers are competing against each other for competitive impression bids. The sellers with the highest impression bids will have more impressions. By setting competitive impression bids, you can ensure your products are seen — and if you are not seeing the reminders  you want, you can lower your impression bids to slow down the volume. 

Daily Budget per Product: The total advertising budget for each product per day. For example, if you have 10 items in your campaign, but do not want to incur more than $3.00 in impressions for a single item, you would put $3.00 in this field. 

Lifetime Budget: The total advertising budget over the lifetime of the Campaign. The Campaign will end when the lifetime budget is met. 

Lifetime Budget per Product: The total advertising fee budget for each product over the lifetime of the Campaign. 

How to create a Campaign:

  • On the Products page, click Upload CSV and then Add New Products. You can either add products to an Existing Campaign or Create a New Campaign. 
  • If you already have Products added to your account, you can select or create a Campaign by clicking the dropdown menu next to the item on your Products page. 
  • To move items from Campaign to Campaign, click Edit Product next to the item you wish to change, and select the correct Campaign from the drop down menu on the edit screen. Currently, products can only exist in one Campaign at a time. 

While a Campaign is live, you can you can edit the parameters, such as daily budget, lifetime budget, and lifetime impressions per product, and add new products by either uploading a CSV or manually from your Products Page.

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