Is there a Vacation Mode?

Yes, Tophatter provides the ability to turn on Vacation Mode for sellers.

To turn on Vacation Mode:

  1. Select Vacation Mode on the Account page
  2. Enter the end date and select Save

Your account will remain in vacation mode until 11:59 PM on the day of your vacation end date (Pacific Time), or until you manually return from vacation. The vacation end date will be Pacific Time – it is not based on your local time zone.

Entering vacation mode will apply the following changes to all of your products:

  • All your scheduled lots will be unscheduled.
  • All your products will be disabled.
  • Buy Now will not be available for any of your lots.
  • A friendly message will be displayed to the buyer at the top of your storefront and all order pages indicating you’re on vacation.

To return from Vacation Mode early:

  1. Select Vacation Mode on the Account page
  2. Select Return from vacation early

Returning from vacation will reverse all of the changes made above. These changes take effect immediately if you choose to manually return from vacation early, otherwise, your account will automatically return from vacation mode on the end date at the time specified above.