What is Pending Verification?

What is Pending Verification status?

Our Trust & Safety team is continually making sure that there is no fraud on the platform.  Every so often, a buyer or seller matches a certain pattern or criterion. When this happens, our Trust & Safety team must further investigate the transaction.  For the duration of this investigation, we place the transaction on hold which is depicted by a Pending Verification status pill on your order.

What do I do when I see Pending Verification?

Nothing!  If you see an order with this pill, you don’t need to do anything.  Tophatter will investigate the transaction. While the transaction is in this status, please do not contact the buyer or ship the order.  Shipping an order when it is in this state will void your Seller Protection.

The vast majority of transactions are released from hold the same day.  Some may require more time. If we determine that the transaction was indeed fraudulent, we automatically refund the buyer and message the buyer directly.  If the order is released from the hold, then you are free to ship.

What does this mean for the seller?

  • When orders are held in Pending Verification, there is no “ship by” date, and the order will not obstruct scheduling ability, or affect any seller stats.
  • Sellers can’t mark orders as shipped, purchase postage, or refund while in Pending Verification status.
  • Orders that are shipped while in the Pending Verification status will not be covered by Tophatter Seller Protection.

What does this mean for the buyer?

  • The vast majority of orders that are held are released the same day and buyers will not be aware that the order was held.
  • If more information is needed from the buyer they will be contacted by the Trust & Safety team.
  • If the order is refunded, Tophatter will notify the buyer.
  • If an order is in a Pending Verification status, sellers should not reach out to the buyer about the held order. Tophatter will work with the buyer directly to verify the purchase.

How do I know I can ship the order?

  • When an order is no longer held in a Pending Verification status it will appear as Paid. The transaction has been verified and you can ship the order.