How do I get paid?

If you are based in the US

You can receive payouts to your bank account via ACH through Payoneer, or to your PayPal account.

If you are based outside the US

You can receive payouts to your bank account via ACH through Payoneer or WorldFirst.

Payment status can be tracked under Payouts in your account. Tophatter automatically deducts seller fees from the payout amount before your payout, so you don’t need to pay fees later.

As of July 1, 2020, payouts will be batched and processed in cycles on Wednesdays.

Payment will be disbursed after delivery of the order has been confirmed, or generally after 30 days domestic, 60 days international. If delivery of a shipped order that has been accepted by a supported carrier cannot be verified, payment will be held for a minimum of 30 days from the shipment date before it is paid out. Payouts for products associated with a product level penalty may be delayed.

New sellers are eligible for a payout if the payable funds in their account reach the $5 net payout minimum. New sellers will be reviewed for payment 30 days after a payout method has been added. After the first payout is sent, the account will be assigned a payout cycle.

Payout cycles are based on a seller’s Incident Fee Rate, excluding seller-fault Return Fees from the calculation. Accounts are reviewed once a quarter and if necessary, payout cycles are updated at the same cadence. Maintaining a low Incident Fees Rate will help the status of your account and payout cycle. For information, please see What are Incident Fees?

Payout Cycle
Incident rate  Sales
2 x Monthly Less than 0.75% AND Greater than
1 x Monthly Between 0.75%
and 1.5%
AND Greater than
60 Days Above 1.5% OR Less than
New Seller
(reviewed at 30 Days)
N/A N/A  

If incident rate becomes too high, payouts can be held until the account recovers. After funds are released it may take up to 60 days for a payout to be initiated. Funds in closed accounts will be held for a minimum of 90 days and/or until all orders have been delivered. Tophatter reserves the right to extend this time period as deemed necessary.

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